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BEV - Italy's M&A Scene: A Look at the Numbers

Let's dive into the numbers! Italy's M&A activity is poised for a comeback. The Italian market witnessed 75 mergers and acquisitions during the summer months, marking a 20% decrease from the previous year. However, as autumn approaches, the numbers are projected to rise.

One notable example in the M&A sector is the pharmaceutical company Recordati. It was acquired by the Japanese giant Takeda Pharmaceuticals, highlighting the attractiveness of Italian companies in the global M&A landscape.

Furthermore, Italy's cross-border M&A deals have increased by 35% year-on-year, showcasing its global appeal.

At BEV Advisory Boutique, a global boutique advisory and venture capital firm with a reputation for confidentiality and reliability, we've been closely monitoring these trends. Our highly experienced international group of multi-lingual professionals is dedicated to ensuring you get the very most out of our services. We're ready to guide businesses through the M&A process, ensuring they make informed decisions and seize growth opportunities.


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