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BZH Capital

BZH Capital Partners (‘BZH’) is an independent asset manager that provides smart access to private equity for professional investors of various sizes and levels of sophistication. BZH’s vehicle BZH Private Equity Opportunities 1 (‘BPEO1’) focuses on investing into high- quality private equity assets alongside one of the most established Funds of Funds in the global private equity market. The BPEO1 vehicle invests into two private equity strategies, and holds the remainder of its capital in cash or money market instruments.The Luxembourg-domiciled vehicle isstructured as a listed certificate with an ISIN code, and is a bankable asset listed on the Frankfurt Exchange. The vehicle aims to pay out regular and growing distributions to certificate-holders from inception. The underlying funds have no legacy investments and will be assembling their portfolios in the coming 3-5 years. Certificate holders will be provided with quarterly reports regarding the vehicle cash flows and underlying investments, as well as annual audited reports and financial statements.


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