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Nic Gorini


Nic Gorini serves as the General Partner of Spin Ventures, a pioneering ecosystem dedicated to accelerating the transition to a circular economy within the consumer space. Under his leadership, Spin Ventures encompasses a venture builder, accelerator, venture capital firm, consulting company, and the innovative "House of Circularity," an open innovation platform for corporations. Nic spearheads the platform's efforts to develop and implement innovative business models aimed at decarbonizing the consumer and retail industries.


With over 25 years of experience in the consumer industry and 20 years in climate tech, Nic is deeply committed to creating positive, profitable solutions. He is also an Ambassador of Top Tier Impact, a global group dedicated to fostering a sustainable future.


Nic's career spans various industries, including advertising, content, and media across Europe, the United States, and South America. He has led innovation for FT 500 brands and co-founded his first venture at the age of ten, centered on recycling skateboards. In 2006, Nic launched an upcycling business, among other ventures, showcasing his dedication to driving positive change through creativity and entrepreneurship.


After embarking on numerous intrapreneurial ventures within corporations and co-founding various businesses, Nic established Spin Ventures to champion evolutionary business models. His work focuses on decarbonizing the consumer and retail sectors, positioning Spin Ventures as a leading force in climate tech innovation. Nic's strategic partnerships and pilot projects with major corporations are revolutionizing supply and value chains, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing carbon impact, and driving profitability.

Nic Gorini
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