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Case Studies



3B Future Health Fund, Luxemburg

3B Future Health Fund II spearheads healthcare investment, focusing on early-stage innovators in critical patient areas like Oncology and Rare Diseases. Fund 1's achievements drive Fund 2's €80M target, already securing €60M

Corporate Finance Advisory for a High Net-Worth Individual

Mergers & Acquisitions


Value BioTech, Italy/Israel

Revolutionary robot, M.I.L.A.N.O. by Valuebiotech, enabling surgeons to perform scarless, precise operations with unparalleled dexterity and focus. “With BEV's persistence and guidance and the able assistance we finally met a Chinese investor who signed a contract within 30 days of our introduction.” says Avi Aliman, CEO.

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Business Development


Dhampur , India

Delhi-based Dhampur Sugar Company and DETS, produces driers to reduce the moisture content in bagasse. “I like the way BEV is so efficient and competent, they work quickly and get things done. It is all extremely professional” says Arvind Singhal, CEO.

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Merger & Acquisitions


UET , Israel

BEV was extremely professional,” says Ilan. “He told me of a serious client in China who was looking for an environmental water solution for a project in Beijing. Shortly after that the owner of the Chinese company and his team came to see us in Israel and the visit concluded with an initial partnership agreement to supply units for the project. Since then, David has visited the project and offices in China and we are hopeful our relationship will continue long term. Ben has also a lot of good contacts in the Italian market and we hope to develop these too.

Business Development


Strephen F, USA

“They are just amazing. Not only do they produce results really fast, they also totally understand the product and believe in it. I didn't have to explain my vision, they got it immediately. Our meetings were very productive and very easy. The BEV team seem to have connections everywhere.”

Business Development


Milor, Italy

Albert Mouhadab, dynamic and creative Vice President of leading Italian jewellery company Milor, is not one for standing still. “In today's market – and believe me, the jewellery market is not in good shape - you have to be a leader, not a follower. You must have creative passion, to keep evolving and to invest in new development and research.”

Merger & Acquisitions


Sunrise, China

Incorporated in 2002, YMK is a leading enterprise in the domestic environmental control engineering field of China. Since its incorporation, with top quality, leading technology and persistent innovation, YMK has kept its leading position in the domestic market. In 2011, it was listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange. At present, YMK has two corporate technical centers and plenty of operation enterprises.



108 Garage, UK

Luca Longobardi, the man they called “The Mafia’s Banker”, has officially opened his new restaurant, 108 Garage, on Notting Hill’s Golborne Road.

Chris Denney, formerly of Hambleton Hall, heads up the kitchen, and his dishes have already attracted a devoted following.

Business Development


Highway Hawk, UK

James Sebastian Steele has lived in Italy for 35 years and in that time has set up several successful companies. Here BEV talks exclusively to this multi talented businessman.

From a marketing background in the UK, Steele moved to Milan in 1975 to work for Lego Italy and then the World Gold Council. He now owns an agriturismo business Contrada Durano, located in the foothills of the Appenines near Smerillo, Ascoli Piceno in the region of Le Marche.

Business Development


Mokarabia Coffee, Italy

Mokarabia began in Milan in 1951 as a creator and distributor of artisan coffee to the hotel, restaurant and catering market.

CEO Luca Giani agrees: “It has only been a few months,” he says. “But my impression so far is that our agreement with BEV offers a lot of strong opportunities. I am very optimistic and positive that this will continue into the foreseeable future.”

Business Development


Foneshop, UK started five years ago and now sells its mobile phones and accessories all over Europe including Germany, France, Spain and Italy. The company prides itself on its high level of customer service and prompt delivery.

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