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Business e via Italy at GreenMed / Watec 2017 in Israel

Two days of meetings to promote Italian high tech in Israel with the possible realization of trade and productive agreements: this in summit the 'GreenMed Summit' scheduled in Tel Aviv from 12 to to 14 September, under 'Watec Israel 2017', one of the largest international water and environmental exhibitions. And it is no coincidence that 'GreenMed' is kept within Watec: it is enough to think that Israel boasts about 250 companies with nearly $ 2.5 billion worth of exports related to the sector last year alone.

Israeli technological innovations in the fields of desalination, water treatment, recovery, and irrigation are among the best in the industry. The focus of 'GreenMed' will enable Italian companies to present their technologies for Water Treatment, Environmental Protection, Ict (Information and Communication Technologies) and Digital Applications. Coordinator of this year's Italian mission is Francesco Marcolini. "The opportunities that Italian startups can find - said the StartupItalia website - are mainly three: state-of-the-art technology with which to benchmark, organizational research, marketing and management models to be assimilated. territory, with which to develop collaborations and in the case of startups that have the highest technological levels to offer. “

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