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BEV - Acquisition of Italy's Auserpolimeri

Brüggemann (U.S. office in Newton Square, Penn.) has further expanded its polymer additives business with the acquisition of Italy’s Auserpolimeri, a leading developer and manufacturer of chemically functionalised polyolefin-based polymers. These materials play a key role as impact modifiers, compatibilizers, coupling agents and adhesion promoters in improving the performance levels of engineering plastics for a wide range of applications. They ideally complement and complete Brüggemann’s existing range of high-performance additives, according to head of polymer additives Klaus Bergmann.

Auserpolimeri Srl specializes in the grafting of polymers by reactive extrusion. Polymers functionalised with this technology form the company's product portfolio. The company of the Eigenmann & Veronelli Group is known in the market for engineering polymers in particular for its high-quality technical advice and continuous product development. According to a Brüggemann spokesperson, the application areas of grafted polymers are very diverse. “In the North American market, we also see a growing demand for engineering plastics with increasingly special properties. We look forward to now being able to offer even more solution possibilities worldwide.”

Both Brüggemann and Auserpolimeri are established manufacturers with proven expertise and long-standing international customer relationships and have grown strongly in recent years. Brüggemann managing director Stefan Lätsch emphasizes that the Eigenmann & Veronelli Group has not only developed the Auserpolimeri site near Lucca by investing in its facilities and personnel, but also expanded its extensive customer network to a global level.


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