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BEV - FairCap acquires Electro System S.r.l. from NOVOMATIC Group

Milan, Feb 23, 2024 – FairCap has signed an agreement to acquire Electro System S.r.l. from NOVOMATIC Italia S.p.A., a subsidiary of NOVOMATIC AG Group. Electro System, based in Imola, Italy, manufactures electronic boards and industrial cables, serving sectors from automation to medical. The transaction is expected to close in Q1 2024, with continued collaboration between Electro System and NOVOMATIC Group. FairCap aims to enhance Electro System's market position and sustainability.

FairCap: A pan-European investment company focused on transforming small and medium-sized businesses into sustainable entities. Unlike traditional investors, FairCap prioritizes long-term impact over short-term financial gains.

NOVOMATIC AG Group: An international gaming technology producer and operator with a global presence, founded in 1980 by Professor Johann F. Graf.

Advisors: FairCap was advised by LCA Studio Legale, led by Virginia Cella. NOVOMATIC was advised by Cavour Corporate Finance, led by Alberto Pantaleoni.


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