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BEV - Aira heat pumps launch in Italy

Swedish heat pump company Aira has officially launched in Italy after acquiring T5 Group. Aira, a direct-to-consumer company offering heat pumps through monthly subscriptions, will debut in six regions—Lombardy, Piedmont, Lazio, Marche, Abruzzo, and Umbria. Backed by a team of 150, including clean energy experts, technicians, and commercial staff, Aira Italy plans to hire 4000 employees in the next decade.

Partnering with Dolomiti Energia, it aims to offer customers the "greenest and cheapest" electricity tariff, including a variable price and a 10% discount on Italy’s standard tariff. The company also plans to establish Aira Academies for clean energy expert training across Italy.

CEO Martin Lewerth sees Italy as a crucial market for decarbonization, with a heat pump penetration rate of only 6%. Aira aims to introduce its innovative home energy solution, emphasizing consumer cost savings, no lifestyle changes, and a zero upfront payment model.


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