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BEV: FinTech-Aviv's Annual Summit

Today, the spotlight shines on the FinTech-Aviv's Annual Summit as Dominique De Bernardi, country head, joins the gathering of startups, investors, and corporates in pursuit of groundbreaking FinTech innovations.

Hosted by the Israeli FinTech Association, this summit embodies the vibrant spirit of the Israeli FinTech ecosystem, boasting over 30,000 members dedicated to collaboration, networking, and knowledge-sharing.

Founded by a diverse team of enthusiasts, FinTech-Aviv welcomes players from all corners of the industry, from startups to global banks, venture capitalists to multinational corporations.

At its core, FinTech-Aviv champions positive disruption in finance, fostering dialogue and collaboration to revolutionize the industry. For corporate partners, the summit offers invaluable opportunities for scouting innovative solutions and developing tailored innovation programs.

In the words of Dominique De Bernardi, "The FinTech-Aviv's Annual Summit represents the epitome of collaboration and innovation in the finance industry. It's a platform where diverse stakeholders converge to push the boundaries of what's possible in FinTech."


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