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BEV Takes Center Stage at MEDICA 2023: A Global Showcase of Cutting-Edge Medical Innovations

BEV had the pleasure of being present at one of the largest medical fairs in the world throughout last week with their rep @Dominique De Bernardi:

With over 5,300 exhibitors from almost 70 countries and 83,000 visitors MEDICA in Düsseldorf is one of the largest medical B2B trade fairs in the world. A wide range of innovative products and services from the fields of medical imaging, laboratory technology, diagnostics, health IT, mobile health as well as physiotherapy/orthopaedic technology and medical consumables are presented here. The extensive programme of first-class forums, conferences and special shows provides opportunities for interesting presentations and discussions with experts and politicians and also includes pitches of new products and award ceremonies.

"Attending MEDICA in Düsseldorf was a remarkable experience, navigating through the vast landscape of innovation in medical technology. It's not just a trade fair; it's a convergence of global expertise, a testament to the endless possibilities in advancing healthcare. Engaging with experts, witnessing cutting-edge products, and being part of discussions that shape the future of medicine made it an enriching week at the forefront of medical progress." - Dominique De Bernardi


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