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BEV - Satispay goes shopping with the Onyon menu

Satispay, a company specialized in payment services on mobile devices, signed an agreement for the acquisition of 60.9% of Onyon's capital. Onyion is an app that allows to consult the menu, order and split the bill in bars and restaurants . Last August, Satispay already took over an opening 13% stake through a reserved capital increase.

The founders of Onyon, Marco Actis and Paola Lombardi, and the other shareholders will reinvest in Satispay. To date, the two control Onyon with 47.8% and 8.7% shares, respectively. Actis and Lombardi had previously founded Pony Zero, a logistics company later acquired by the Cigierre restaurant group: it owns well-known chains of ethnic restaurants such as Old Wild West and Temakinho, founded by Marco Giusto.

Onyon is the second acquisition by Satispay: in July 2021 it acquired AdvisorEat, an Italian startup that developed an app useful for selecting and recommending the best restaurants for a business trip or lunch, allowing members to accumulate points to be converted into gifts cards, vouchers or charitable donations.


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