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BEV Senior Advisors Connect Investors with Innovative Israeli Tech Companies at GoforIsrael 2023

For over 25 years, the GoforIsrael conference has brought together investors and businesses to explore the latest in leading technologies. This year's event covered topics such as Life Sciences, High Tech, and Climate Tech.

Joe Blanga, Senior Advisor at BEV, stated, "The GoforIsrael conference provides a platform for Israeli companies to showcase their products and services to a global audience of investors and business professionals, attracting investment crucial for growth.”

Dominique De Bernardi, Senior Advisor at BEV, added, "The conference focuses on establishing strategic alliances between Israeli companies, businesses, and financial institutions, providing access to new markets, expertise, and resources.”

The conference also addresses current issues in fundraising, with Joe Blanga noting, "The conference provides valuable insights and guidance on fundraising strategies, which can help Israeli companies navigate the fundraising landscape and secure the funding they need to grow and succeed.”

Overall, Dominique De Bernardi observed that the GoforIsrael business conference plays a vital role in the growth and success of the Israeli business community, establishing itself as a must-attend event for investors and businesses from around the world.


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