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BEV Spotlight: Connecting China and Europe's Automotive Markets

Join Mr. Joey Jiang, an industry expert and valued member of the BEV team, as he highlights the vast potential for collaboration between China and Europe in the automotive industry. With China leading the global electric vehicle market and Europe renowned for its automotive heritage, exciting opportunities for synergy arise.

Italy, known for craftsmanship and automotive expertise, plays a pivotal role in this collaboration. Leveraging China's technological advancements and Europe's legacy, Mr. Jiang envisions a future filled with innovation and growth.

At IAT Automobile Technology Co., Ltd, Mr. Jiang and the BEV team provide advisory services and venture capital investment opportunities for success in the Chinese market. Join the passionate automotive community on this incredible journey, connecting, sharing insights, and fostering meaningful relationships that shape the industry's future.

Together, let's drive positive change and create a prosperous future for China and Europe. With visionary leaders like Mr. Jiang and BEV, the automotive industry is poised for thriving growth.


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