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BEV - SugarCreek Packing Co. acquires 100% Veroni S.p.A.

SugarCreek Packing Co., a leading US protein manufacturing company, has announced the complete acquisition of Italian company Veroni S.p.A. Additionally, Veroni S.p.A. acquired Carnigest S.r.l., a salami production company. Veroni S.p.A., founded in 1925, operates six production facilities in Northern Italy and a slicing plant in the USA. With a wide range of products, global distribution channels, and strong market presence in the cured meats sector, Veroni is a prominent player in Italy and the imported Italian charcuterie segment in the USA.

The Chairman & CEO of SugarCreek, John Richardson, expressed excitement about the merger and emphasized the shared commitment to quality and customer care. Veroni's President, Stefano Veroni, highlighted the benefits for associates and customers, expressing confidence in achieving new heights with manufacturing synergies. The Veroni family, rooted in tradition and quality, will join the larger SugarCreek family. SugarCreek plans to invest in expanding and modernizing production sites in Italy and the USA. Veroni's management team will remain in place, ensuring continuity and autonomy. Veroni Salumi, established in 1925, has grown into a renowned producer of high-quality cured and cooked meats, while SugarCreek, founded in 1966, has become a flexible food manufacturer with a commitment to sustainability and operational excellence.


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