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BEV Unveils Financial Insights: FinanceCommunityWeek 2023, Milan

The FinanceCommunityWeek 2023 in Milan commenced on November 13, 2023, marking a dynamic start to a week-long series of impactful discussions and networking. As a participant, BEV played a key role in capturing the essence of the financial industry's current landscape. "FinanceCommunityWeek 2023 is not just a gathering; it's a convergence of ideas shaping the future of finance. BEV is proud to contribute to this dynamic discourse, fostering insights that propel us forward in the financial landscape." - Benjamin Radomski, CEO of BEV. The day kicked off with the engaging "Action Plan for the Italian Economy" conference. Aldo Scaringella, CEO of LC Publishing Group, and Emmanuel Conte, Councilor for Budget and Real Estate of the Municipality of Milan, initiated the discussions. Nicola Di Molfetta, editor-in-chief of Financecommunity and MAG, introduced critical topics, followed by a welcome speech from Fabrizio Pagani, senior advisor at Vitale & Co. Federico Freni, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, delivered a compelling opening address. Moderated by Eleonora Fraschini from, the first roundtable, "Financing Economic Growth and Interest Rates," featured luminaries such as Gregorio Consoli, Giovanna Della Posta, Fabio Innocenzi, Alessandra Ricci, and Anna Tavano. The discussion delved into strategies for navigating economic growth and fluctuating interest rates. Post a brisk mid-morning coffee break, the second session, "Business Growth in the Current Economic Context," took center stage. Eleonora Fraschini facilitated discussions with Orlando Barucci, Pietro Labriola, and Patrizia Micucci, providing valuable insights into managing business growth amidst the prevailing economic challenges. The morning concluded with a notable face-to-face meeting between Eleonora Fraschini and Francesco Canzonieri, CEO and chairman of the investment and ESG committees of Nextalia SGR. This personal exchange added a unique perspective to the broader discussions of the day. As the day wrapped up, anticipation grew for the Financecommunity Awards, a gala evening recognizing professionals and teams who have excelled in the finance sector over the past 12 months. Stay tuned for further updates from BEV as FinanceCommunityWeek 2023 continues to unfold, offering valuable insights and networking opportunities in the heart of Milan.


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