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BEV Customer Insights - KeyZell

Discover inspiring 1-minute videos featuring our valued customers, where they unveil the remarkable journeys and success stories of their businesses.

In this video, we showcase KeyZell, a Spanish startup revolutionizing the fight against cancer. Led by CEO José Esteban del Corral Sánchez, KeyZell combines biotechnology and mathematics to develop pioneering artificial intelligence systems for the diagnosis and treatment of different types of cancer.

Their AI Diagnosis tool enhances the accuracy of cancer diagnosis through rapid X-ray tests, while also incorporating PET scans and DICOM standards for comprehensive analysis. The Oncology Precision System, their validated precision medicine solution, identifies patterns and makes predictions to empower oncologists in choosing the best treatment and therapies based on each patient's unique characteristics.

With a global presence in Mexico, Australia, and Thailand, KeyZell is at the forefront of advancing new anticancer drugs, aiming to combat tumor cell proliferation and metastasis.

Join us in this video series to explore the remarkable achievements of our BEV customers, as they drive innovation and make a real impact in their respective fields.

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