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Supernovas - Milan Ocean Week

#worldoceansday. Spin Ventures portfolio company SUPERNOVAS supporting One Ocean Foundation at Milan Ocean Week, during the Milan Design Week: the first week dedicated to the sea with events, activities, and educational workshops to explain the value of marine ecosystems and the fundamental role of each of us in protecting them, starting from the cities.

In Via Gesu' SUPERNOVAS has transformed two tonnes of abandoned fishing nets in the new urban furniture.

Each pot is made with 30 kilograms of recovered polypropylene fishing nets: over two metric tonnes of fishing nets, or about 100km of fishing nets abandoned in the ocean.

thanks everyone who made this happen and have supported us, in particular all the Spin Ventures partners Nic Gorini, Benjamin Radomski, Federico Forcolini, Gustavo Perrotta, Jacques Steffens, Michele Sofisti the team at SUPERNOVAS, the team at Reflow, the team at One Ocean Foundation, the team at “Associazione Via Gesù”, Carlo Borlenghi , Antonella Asnaghi, alessandra alla, Mattia Moro , mattia lucchetta , Matteo Veggetti, Attilio Mazzilliand the Orrick Italia team, Francesca Perrone and the UniCredit team, Nicoletta Brugnoni, Rossana Orlandi, Galleria Rossana Orlandi and all the team at Top Tier Impact to challenge us to think exponentially! #blueeconomy #circulareconomy #circularity#impact #impactinvesting #sustainability #ocean#oceanplastic


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