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SuperReturn International 2024: A Tremendous Success in Berlin

The SuperReturn International 2024 event, held in Berlin from June 4–7, was a tremendous success! SuperReturn brought together the world’s leading names in private capital to discuss the latest trends in private equity and venture capital. As Benjamin Radomski said, "It was a remarkable gathering of industry leaders and innovators." Dominique De Bernardi added, "The energy and collaboration were truly inspiring."

We were honored to have our valued customer, TAN Holding, represented by Mr. Mattia Monti, in attendance. Topics included innovation, ESG, growth, private debt, value, regeneration, and return, sparking meaningful conversations about the industry's future.

The event provided excellent networking, learning, and collaboration opportunities. Attendees exchanged ideas, explored partnerships, and gained insights into market forces. The quality of presentations and engagement made this event a highlight.

We look forward to the next SuperReturn event and follow-ups with the incredible people we met, including customers, partners, and family offices. The connections and knowledge gained at SuperReturn International 2024 will drive future success and innovation.


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