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Marco Frazzica

Advisory Board

Marco Frazzica is a seasoned legal professional specializing in contractual consultancy, commercial and corporate law, M&A, and private equity. With a focused competence in industry sectors such as automotive and steel, Marco serves a diverse clientele that includes domestic companies as well as American, British, and Scandinavian clients. Fluent in Swedish, he has held significant positions within the Italian-Swedish business community, including membership on the Board and Chairmanship of the Italian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Assosvezia, and membership on the Board of Unionestere, the association of foreign chambers of commerce in Italy.


In recognition of his deep understanding of Italian-Swedish relations and his established professional connections with Scandinavian companies, Marco was appointed General Consul (Honorary) of Sweden in Milan in 2002, a position he still holds with jurisdiction over Lombardy, the Municipality of Alessandria, Novara, and Verbano Cusio Ossola. He maintains close cooperation with Swedish institutions, including the Swedish Trade & Invest Council, where he has spoken at seminars and events across various Swedish cities on corporate and commercial issues related to Swedish companies entering and conducting business in the Italian market. Marco's extensive experience and strong network make him a valuable asset in facilitating cross-border business relations between Italy and Scandinavia.

Marco Frazzica
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