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Massimo Cortinovis

Advisory Board

Massimo Cortinovis is a seasoned entrepreneur and strategist in the Digital Marketing & Communication arena, boasting a career spanning several decades of remarkable achievements. In 1995, he founded his first web agency, Esperia, and as CEO, transformed it into one of Italy's leading agencies with an international clientele. Under his leadership, Esperia grew to 80 employees, gaining a reputation for innovation and reliability in developing and managing digital strategies for brands.


Throughout his career, Massimo has orchestrated acquisitions by large media companies, led management buy-outs, and executed successful mergers, resulting in the creation of a multi-channel Communication Agency. His entrepreneurial journey continued with the founding of Stylum and Rokivo in 2012, followed by their acquisition by the Altavia Group in 2016, leading to the formation of DISKO Italy, which he helmed as CEO until 2019.


In 2019, Massimo co-founded two new ventures: SPH - Sports Production Hub, a sports marketing digital agency, and, a platform connecting online users with local brick-and-mortar shops. Additionally, since 2022, he has served as the Head of Digital at LBA - Lega Basket Serie A.


Massimo's expertise extends beyond entrepreneurship; he has a background as a professional basketball coach in the Italian League, which has instilled in him a passion for building and managing teams. Performance-oriented and adept at managing P&Ls, Massimo has consistently delivered profitability in his agencies and business units. His ability to forge strategic partnerships and his commitment to execution excellence have been integral to his success.


An avid learner and visionary, Massimo continuously seeks to improve and expand his horizons. His dynamic presentation skills, vision, and passion have earned him invitations to deliver speeches and lectures. With a love for travel and a preference for working in international environments, Massimo embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration in the digital landscape.

Massimo Cortinovis
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