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Italy - A Family Oriented Business Mentality

The establishment of a business and its continuation can be compared with one’s great-grandfather. You would not be here in the world just like as your father if your great-grandfather has not been born. Likewise, a business would not be established if the founder of your family’s company has not been born. The concept of that is beneficial when it comes to Italian’s mentality when it comes to their family owned business. Italians rather Italy is considered as an individualistic society. That is also the main reason why Italians are also known for their family oriented business mentality.

Family owned business is the oldest form of business organization and has been continued up to this point, thus, most of the company’s that you can see today has all started in that and still up until now. Though this type of practice is looked as an unusual business entity, when it comes to the advantages that it can provide business and at the same time with the family members who are involved in the business, it can still be said that it is still the best way in keeping the business within the hold of the family.

Though practicing the mentality of family oriented business is being looked as an essential organization when it comes to the world economy because of the benefits that it can give, Italians still has other reasons in practicing this. This mentality in business has proven to benefit Italians, thus, even with the new trend with business organization, they still kept the main control within the family.

There are various reasons why Italians is still keeping and practicing their Family Oriented Business Mentality. Other than securing the control over the business within the family, they also practice this mentality in order to secure that the other and newer generations will still be able to have and handle the company when it is already their time. This is also their way of keeping the strong commitment when it comes to providing a quality product and service.

Practicing this kind of mentality is a secure way of keeping the family’s name. Since the Italian’s family will have the complete control over the business, then, it can only mean that they will also be able to control and maintain the family’s business trademark. Not unlike when an unrelated member of the family will take over the business, it is more than possible that the trademark of the business will totally change.

This is also the way of Italians to secure the legacy that they will pass on to their family. Family Oriented Business Mentality is the perfect means of securing the welfare of the family that even though the founder is already gone, the assurance is still there. This is made possible since all of the family members get the chance to train and work within the family business. Through that, all the ways in which the business is operated is being taught to them. All the essential information will be passed on from one generation to generation.

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