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Chante Clair

Chante Clair - Xiangmi, China

In just a few years, he has become a great entrepreneur, getting to know the requests of the Italian market and to interpret those of the Chinese one, a market always more demanding which looks to the Italian know-how as a reference point especially in some sectors such as fashion and body care. Today we present you Davide Jin, the Italian name of Chin Wei Wei. He is 37 years old, has been living in Italy for more than 20 years, married with two children, knows our country very well, knows what the Italians want and what the Chinese demand. Thanks to the opportunities he has acquired during years of work especially in northern Italy, he has found the way to exploit them with an import-export activity, now enhanced by the contact with BEV, Business e via Italy.

“ I came in Italy in 1994, I have worked in bazar shops and similar selling especially cloths. In 2006 I have started to export from China to Italy and in 2010 I have inaugurated the import of Italian products in China, both food and non-food. A few years later there has been a turning point with the foundation of Xiangmi, of which I am a member: we trade apparel, watches and food products. But not only. In China we have 280 retail stores and we also have a web site for online shopping” tells Davide. In Italy, the presence of Xiangmi broadens in some big warehouses in Monza, Alessandria and Padova: “We both have Italian and Chinese clients which buy in our corners dedicated to stationary, gifts and household products”.

And the number of sales and the results have been the guarantee that we have taken the right path. Then, the meeting with BEV and the arrival of new important projects: “Thanks to Business e via Italy we have become stronger in the export in China. And it is here that we now concentrate all our efforts. We look for more made-in-Italy for the Chinese consumers: fashion, household products and some world known brands that we want to promote in the most populated regions of China”. An objective which is inspired by the first operation done in Chongqing, region with 27 million inhabitants where there the headquarters of Xiangmi are located, and quickly replicated. “We have opened mono-brand stores Philip Martin’s (Italian company, leader for hair care and body care products, rich of natural ingredients coming from organic crops, n.d.r) and they are doing very well. It is a hairdresser shop, but inside the customers find also a spa for body and face treatments. All natural, without chemicals added.

We have brought many Italians to work in China to teach the techniques”. This way Davide Jin has managed to give value and spread a brand not very famous yet in Italy, but that in China has become the number one of hairdressers: with 70 shops open (some with franchising, other directly) from May, Xiangmi has respected the plans that it had set at the beginning of the year of opening 80 franchising in 20 different Chinese cities.

“The Italians are good, hard working, serious. And this is the reason why I have decided to trust Business e via Italy. Because they are professional and they have the right connections.” Tells Davide Jin who – after concentrating all his business on import to Italy from China – now aims at increasing and consolidating the relationship between the two Countries. “What we import in China at the moment is going very well. The Chinese have liked it, it sells well. There it is very difficult to find Italian products, but thanks to our website and to our presence on the territory it is easier to find Italian food and cloths. Now thanks to the brokerage of BEV, the work is easier”. And for 2017 he bets on the research of two, three sectors with medium to high target in fashion made in Italy (“which is already per se a brand recognised at international level”) and something in the bio-cosmetic sector.

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