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Boom of Italian exports

Italian growth and recovery is starting from exports.

Exports, together with consumption, public expenditure and investments, positively affect GDP, which is used to assess a country’s economic growth. While imports negatively affect it.

GDP = Consumption + Public spending + Investments + Exports - Imports

The data published by ISTAT about economic growth in 2016, show that last year Italian exports have grown significantly both in terms of volume as well as in terms of value. In particular they have exceed €4.75 billion, accounting for nearly a 5% increase compared to the previous year, concerning value, while in terms of volume exports have reached 4.25 million tons, resulting in a 6.1% compared to 2015 figures.

This increase, or better boom, in Italian exports is led by the agricultural sector with an increase in fruit (fresh, citrus and dried) of nearly 37% and in vegetables of 16%, in terms of volume.

The most popular and the best export product for Italy is the tomato and its derivatives, accounting for €1.6 billion of exports for Italy.

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