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M&A - Invest in Italy - Step 2

Common reasons to sell

1. Retirement - Retirement is one of the top reasons business owners decide to sell their business.

2. Let someone else take the company to the next level - Some owners choose to sell because the've determined that they've taken the business as far as they can take it.

3. Divesting a division or product line - An owner doesn't have to sell the entire company, selling a division or a product line is a very common M&A activity. Some of the reasons to divert a division is:

- A bad acquisition

- An over leveraged buyer

- A money losing division

- A lack of synergy

4. The industry is changing - the decision to sell a company in the face of a changing competitive landscape is often a very smart move.

5. Needing capital for growth - a growing company often needs more cash than it can generate from operations.

- Control investment, the investor has control of the company, a venture capital or private equity invests money in exchange for stock in the company.

- Non-control investment, a minority equity investment.

Steps to get ready to sell

- Clean up the balance sheets

- Collect your receivables

- Make sure inventory is all saleable

- Pay off debt - the long term debt of the business is sellers obligation.

- Address legal issues

- Increase sales

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