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Tech.Emotion, the two-day event on Italian innovation.

The event - 21 and 22 June at the Talent Garden Calabiana in Milan by invitation only and live online on - ​​is organized by Corriere della Sera together with Emotion Network, media company founded by Mattia Mor, Alec Ross, Karin Fischer, Gianluca D'Agostino, Massimo Redaelli, Claude Finckenberg and Thomas Schneider with Milano Investment Partners, founding partner of the company. To open the first day will be Ross with the deputy director of Corriere della Sera Daniele Manca and the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala. Investments in startups and innovation will be discussed with experts including Enrico Resmini, CEO and general manager of Cdp Venture Capital Sgr, Philipp Hildebrand, vice president of BlackRock, Angelo Moratti, founder, president and Anchor Investor of Milan Invesment Partners Sgr. Ernesto Ciorra, chief Innovability officer of Enel Group with Kerstin Cooley, general partner of Course Corrected, the CEO of Treedom Federico Garcea and Jodi Halpern, professor of bioethics and medical humanities at UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program of the University of California, Berkeley they will discuss how innovation can and should contribute to social change.


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