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Invest in Italy - Made in Italy

Italy is one of only five countries in the world whose manufactured products have an export trade surplus (over 100 billion euros).

Italy has remained the world’s top ranking exporter in over 1,000 products. Indeed, Italy ranked rst in 3 sectors and second in 5 sectors out of a total of 14 sectors, making it the second best performing country after Germany. Italy is Europe’s 2nd largest manufacturer after Germany, and the 8th top manufacturer in the World.

Made in Italy, is not only Fashion, Food and Furniture. The industrial sector has undergone a profound transformation and is also Machinery, Pharmaceuticals and High-Tech. In recent years, traditional Made in Italy sectors, like textiles and furniture, have thrived as they converted into high added-value segments while specialized sectors like mechanical machinery, pharmaceuticals and high technology have grown into important national industries.

Italy is the World’s 2nd most competitive producer of industrial machinery (packaging, food, textiles, etc.) after Germany (Trade Performance Index UNCTAD/WTO).

Italy is the 3rd largest European chemical producer with an annual turnover of over 52 billion euros.

Together with the reform package, the government has introduced numerous financial incentives aimed at increasing the attractiveness

of foreign direct investments, encouraging research and development and fostering the growth of new innovative enterprises.

In 2014, Italy had the highest growth rate among European countries of inward green eld FDI projects at +31% (FDI Report, 2015), re ecting con dence in the pro-business, pro- investment actions underway.

Over the last three years, mergers and acquisitions accomplished by foreign companies have reached nearly 55 billion euros in sectors like fashion and food as well as in mechanics, logistics and electronics (S&P Capital IQ).

In 2014, investments by international investors made up the majority of private equity and venture capital transactions in Italy, demonstrating a renewed interest in Italian companies.

Moreover, two-thirds of capital raised from the market (roughly €922 million) was undertaken by foreign investors while the rest represents national contributions.


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